Wednesday, February 8, 2023



CAIT National Senior Vice President Amar Parwani, chairman Magelal Maloo , Amar Gidwani State President Jitendra Doshi , States Working President Vikram Singh Deo, Parmanand Jain , Vashu Makhija, state General secretary Suriender singh , State Working General secretary Bharat Jain, State Treasure Ajay Agrawal and state Midia Prabhari Sanjay Choubey informed The recent ugly incident of procuring acid from Flipkart e commerce portal and throwing at a 17 years girl in Delhi three day back has sparked huge resentment amongst the trading community of the Country which are now once again up in arms against illegal and unethical business practices of foreign e-commerce companies and it is being strongly demanded the Union Government to immediately roll out a strong & tough policy for e-commerce. It is deeply regretted that these e tailers are flouting the rules and policies last many years but neither the Central Government nor any State Government has taken any action even after fully knowing their business practices because of which the traders are loosing confidence on the Governments and polity.

The Confederation of All India Traders ( CAIT) has now decided to take a head on fight on this critical issue and has declared to launch a nationwide campaign Mumbai demanding the Central Government to immediately release Consumer Protection Rules for e commerce and a robust e commerce policy with an empowered Regulatory Authority like TRAI & SEBI. CAIT National Senior Vice President Mr. Amar Parwani & States Working President Mr. Parmanand Jain informed Pune CAIT said that this issue is pending with the Government since last three years but neither the rules are enforced nor e commerce policy is released whereas Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is stressing hard again & again to provide ease of doing business but unfortunately the officials have deaf ears and they are least bothered about mandate of PM Modi. The foreign e commerce portals are causing huge GST revenue loss to the Governments and are hijacking the businesses of small traders but who bothers? These companies are indulging into predatory pricing, deep discounting, loss funding, exclusivity with Brand Companies, owing inventory and having full control and all these are strictly prohibited under FDI Retail Policy but everyone has become a silent spectator ? Why no one knows ?

Terming the recent incident of procuring Acid from Flipkart portal and throwing on a 17 years girl, as most heinous and horrible crime, Mr. Parwani & Mr. Jain said that it is not the first instance of obtaining contraband items from e-commerce portals but even the raw material used in making bombs which were used for Pulwama bus attack and large quantity of Ganja seized by MP Police last year were procured from Amazon but till date no action has been taken against Amazon and Flipkart and these companies are scot free. These companies wrongly claim that they are interme diaries which is much away from the facts as they have their own warehouses, controls payments discounts & Cashback under a vicious nexus with Banks.

Mr. Parwani & Mr. Jain also shown their anguished over the delay in investigations against both Amazon and Flipkart by ED as well as CCI. Despite the clear evidence of their violations, observations of various courts, no action is visible against them so far. This gives them a feeling of treating India as a banana republic and laws & rules very weak.

Mr. Parwani & Mr. Jain said that rolling out of e commerce policy and Consumer Protection (e-commerce) Rules are pending for last more than two years giving a free way to foreign e-commerce companies to vitiate the Indian e-commerce and retail trade to the best of their abilities and destroying the local trade as per their wish & will. Trade verticals like mobile, FMCG, grocery, consumer durables, electronics, Foodgrain etc have been badly hit by these foreign companies who are trying to become second edition of East India Company.

Both Mr. Parwani & Mr. Jain deeply regretted that despite of their dubious nature of business activities, several State Governments have entered into MOU with these companies who are gaining sovereign wealth of data from the State Governments. All such State Governments should immediately terminate their agreement with these companies.

Mr. Parwani & Mr. Jain said that traders of India have every hope from Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who has always championed the cause of small businesses not only to clean the e commerce trade of India from the vicious clutches of these companies but also to immediate release the e-commerce policy and consumer protection rules for e commerce. Meanwhile, all pending investigations against foreign funded e commerce companies should be intensified and strict action should be taken.





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